Findme A Loan Application

How does it work?

We require your authorization to do a credit check with our credit providers to verify that you qualify for a loan. This includes a risk and affordability study to help us with your application. For short term loans (1 to 6 months) we require a person to be employed for at least 3 months permanently. For longer term loans (12 months and up) you need to be employed for 6 months or more. You need to be earning a Nett salary of R3,000 or more into a valid South African bank, which must be in the name of the applicant.

What do we need from you?

  • 3 months’ bank statements
  • Your latest payslip
  • A copy of your valid ID document, ID card or South African Passport (unless otherwise stated by the consultants)

You can send these documents to us via email or fax. Please see our Contact Us page for our details.

What will it cost you?

No upfront fees are required.

Please note that applying does not mean that you will automatically be approved. We offer the preapproval or decline after an initial assessment has been done. Your approval status may also change after the required documentation has been received from the applicant. Some of our credit providers exclude certain industries so please complete the online application truthfully to get the best results.

Fill in our application form to get started!

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    Prequalification Questions

    I Agree that Finserv Brokers or any of their credit providers can do a credit check at no cost to me. Disagreeing means we will not be able to find you a loan. *

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    Do you earn a Nett Salary of R3000 or more(Monthly)(Nett salary is after deductions) *
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    Loan products we offer...

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    1 month loan(Pay day loan) Max Loan amount R4000 **MUST BE EMPLOYED PERMANENTLY FOR 3 MONTHS OR MOREShort term loan 4 or 6 month repayment (Max loan amount up to R8000) **MUST BE EMPLOYED PERMANENTLY FOR 3 MONTHS OR MOREMeduim term 6 to 15 month repayment (Max Loan amount R15000)**MUST BE EMPLOYED PERMANENTLY FOR 6 MONTHS OR MORELong term/Consolidation loan 12 to 84 month repayment (Max loan amount R150 000) **MUST BE EMPLOYED PERMANENTLY FOR 6 MONTHS OR MORE

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