AB Finserv Brokers is a free loan finding service

Whether you need quick cash in your pocket or if you need a larger sum for a high-value item or Bridging Finance (When you are waiting for a Pension or similar Lump-sum pay-out). AB Finserv Brokers can get you there in the easiest way possible. AB Finserv Brokers follow the NCR’s (National Credit Regulator) affordability regulations to find you the ideal loan that you can afford and pay back comfortably. AB Finserv Brokers works with some of South Africa’s biggest credit providers to get you a suitable loan with flexible terms, meaning that you do not have to go to the banks where high-qualifying criteria is required to provide you with a loan.

All our applications are done online and no face-to-face meetings are required. Our applications are quick and easy and come at no additional cost. We will be able to give you feedback on your required loan from our credit providers within 24 hours after your application is submitted.

We can also assist you via various social media applications like Facebook and Whatsapp (please see our Contact Us page for details), or alternatively we will be able to assist via email as well.

Your loan application will be subject to a Credit Check, and Affordability assessment as required by the NCR (National Credit Regulator) to assess whether you can qualify for your required loan.

We are able to assist weekly or monthly paid applicants. To apply for a loan, please complete our application form as truthfully as possible to guarantee the best results.